The Doted Lady is Fuking Wild




The Doted Lady is Fuking Wild

The unknown Internet celebrity Kristen Healey became popular overnight. There were many anti-fans and rumors about her.

'I heard that she has a backer who was powerful and wealthy. She seduced five young masters of the Oliver Family and did not even spare the master of the Oliver Family. She is such a whore.'

The Oliver family denied the rumors, 'Sorry, She is our beloved Miss!'

Everyone was shocked!

'She's so beautiful. I guess she's just an empty vase, without any acting skills.'

Kristen said nothing and then she won the award for Best Actress to prove herself.

However, the anti-fans still didn't give up. 'What's so great about Her? Isn't it because she shamelessly pestered Mr. Wharton every day?'

That night, a reporter took photos of the distinguished president of the TNK Group taking a necklace worth 100 million dollars. He said humbly to the beautiful woman in the garage, 'Kristen, come home with me.'

'I'm sorry, Mr. Wharton, but my fans are all saying that I'm pestering you. Please stay away from me.'

TNK Group official immediately announced, 'Everyone, I am pursuing Miss Kristen. Please don't spread rumors, or it will be more difficult to pursue Kristen.'

《The Doted Lady is Fuking Wild》为作者ZaiTian的虚构作品,理性阅读请勿模仿故事情节!如有雷同,实属巧合,请不要与真实人物事件挂钩!
  • 金币

  • 鲜花

  • 红酒

  • 蛋糕

  • 钻石

  • 跑车

  • 金币相当于100豆币
  • 道具捧场后将获得对应的粉丝值奖励